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Wedding Videos

All the weddings we are fortunate enough to capture hold a spot near and dear to our hearts. Peep a few of our couples, their stories + some inspirational shoots.

Alexandra + Matthew

Alexandra + Matthew are a busy couple to say the very least. When we met with them at St. Paul's The Happy Gnome, they had just arrived in Minnesota from Boston. The two of them were both in rotation in medical school and planning a wedding out of state. I like to think sitting down and having a beer with us was a vacation for them.

Their day was filled with so many special moments. Taking place at Alex's family home in their backyard, doing two unique ceremonies to include both their beliefs and having professional dancers to kick off the dance party. It was a very hot + very magical day that was wrapped up with the most golden of sunsets.

Thanks Alex + Matthew! Cheers to you.


. vendors .

venue // Alexandra's family home + second shooter // Ryan Lucas Photography + planner // Avail Event Services + florals // Camrose Hill Flowers + hair and makeup // Petite Salon + men's attire // Men's Wearhouse + catering // Divine Swine Catering + desserts // Yum! Kitchen & Bakery + dj // Instant Request-David James 

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