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Punta Cana

We should start this blog by just saying, “take us back.” Seven days with some of your best friends, all day beach volleyball, watching two of your friends get married, and top that off with bottomless daiquiris + piña coladas? Yeah, sticking with “take us back.”

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Spring in Minneapolis

Minnesota is a crazy state with weather that is unpredictable to say the very least. This past week for example gave us rain, snow + sunshine and 75 degrees. In a seven day span we used our snow boots, rain jackets and were able to enjoy a few brews + bags outside at our favorite brewery, Surly.

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Jenny Olsonapril / 2017
The Colorado Escape

When your long-haired hippy brother lives at 10,000 ft elevation in a strange town called Leadville, roughly thirty minutes away from Copper Mountain Ski Resort, you should probably make a trip out to visit. Or maybe a couple trips? So that's what we did. 

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Jenny Olsonmarch / 2017