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Emily + Skyler's surprise engagement


Who doesn't love a good surprise?! Especially when it involves hiking around a frozen waterfall with your mate and deciding to spend the rest of your life with the one you love?!

Skyler being the clever dude that he is, told Emily that I had just shot a wedding in Duluth and was able to drive up to Silver Bay to meet for a quick hike. I tried to hide my excitement by hiding behind my camera, taking pictures of the trees, river and our lead dog Layla as we marched towards Caribou Falls. After making it to the falls and taking our time exploring the area, I was very anxious and ready for the proposal. I offered to take a formal picture as Emily + Skyler carefully made their way into position. From that point, the photos really tell the story. 

These two are a incredible pair and it is really awesome to see how much they love exploring + spending time with each other. We can't wait to celebrate with you both this Summer and witness the love!


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