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Abby + Josh Engagement

We are happy to introduce you to our incredible friends, Josh, Abby, Lily, Cheeto, + Bird; the furriest family we know. Josh and Abby met with the help of pizza and Tinder at roughly the same time that we were having our first awkward dates. It was obvious that these two were a match from the start and since then, we have been able to spend countless nights ordering delivery, playing card games, and laughing our asses off.

For this engagement session, we wanted to keep it relaxed and close to home because we knew they were not super comfortable with the super posed or lovey dovey images. We also had to include the pets, so the backyard was a great spot to start. Lily stole the show as was expected, and Cheeto + Bird did great for about 5 minutes before we had to wrangle them back indoors. Josh + Abby did a great job of being their goofy normal selves and also allowing themselves to be vulnerable later in the session as we dragged them around the Lake of the Isles. The highlight for us was finding a really huge stump to put their love on display while the sky put on a beautiful show in the background.

We have seen these two fall in love, comfort each other in their pain + hardships, and plan and work to build their future together and we are so excited that we get to be there for everything that comes next. Cheers to filming you walk down the aisle this September!


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