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Life has many different versions of adventure. Let's capture some.

Arika + Kyle

This was a fairy tale destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This fairy tale may have included delayed flights, attacking crabs, a Micheal Jackson impersonator, an extremely choppy fishing trip + subsequent sea-sickness, a ton of beach volleyball + tequila shots. It was an adventure full of love and laughter, and we are so fortunate that we were able to be witness it. Cheers to many more moments of joy shared together.

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Alex Ferderer Headshots

Jenny met Alex when she was a manager for American Eagle during her Superior, Wisconsin College days (woof, aging ourselves here). The two of them because fast friends and continued that friendship once they both moved to Minneapolis.

Alex need a few new headshots for his acapella choir group. The two decided to take a stroll along the Mississippi during the Fall and these beauts are the result. A few got a little "senior portrait-y" but we kinda were digging on it. 

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Emma + Scott Engagement

We met Emma + Scott through our good friends. They are two of the funniest yet most awkward humans we know; and we love them for it. When they asked us to shoot their engagement photos so they could feel 'less awkward' and work with someone they knew, we were over the moon. We hung out in their beautiful backyard, drank beer + shot them just being them. It was delightful.


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Maddy + Pat Wedding

Up north in Deerwood, Minnesota, on Bay Lake these two tied the knot. The wedding was small, short and sweet, which made this day extra intimate with all the feels. 

Maddy + Pat were married on a rainy day in August with only 30 of their closet friends + family surrounding them. And just as we finished our dinner, the sky cleared, the sun came out and rainbow ended our day with these two love birds. It was a truly magical day.


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