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Welcome to MWSB

Are you interested in learning more about the bible and deepening your relationship with God, while also learning how to backpack in the wilderness, rock climb, or hunt for your own food? Montana Wilderness School of the Bible just might be the place for you.

Cozy and warm, in the middle of Montana, carved in the side of the Rocky Mountains, this school and their wonderful staff have been operating since 1981. They offer a one year program, aimed towards students coming out of high school, as a way to focus on their faith in a less distracting setting. They have a new teacher every week, which allows the students to get a variety of teachings and experiences.

We were so excited to get this call and be invited out to Montana to create this video. I still remembered the first year I dropped my brother off there for school, thinking that this was where he belonged, and now five years later, him and his wife live and work there and have since started a family. We had a blast meeting with students, talking with Ryan + Paul, and learning more about this authentic school of Christian learning.

If you are interested please check out their website and tell them the video was beautiful. We are really hoping to get invited back!


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