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Commercial Videos

From big business to local ma + pa shops, we do it all. From a weekend 5k fun run to your company's picnic, we enjoy being able to work with everyone.

More than a Mortgage

Over the years, I have had the chance to work with Lisa Wells a handful of times and was so excited to hear in 2017 that she was starting her own mortgage business. Whenever we discuss a new project, the very first thing we always do is sit down with the client and try to learn as much as we possibly can about them, their company, and the need. The need is so important. Why do they need the video and what do they want the video to do for them.

Lisa had a very specific story that she wanted to tell her viewers. She wanted her viewers to know that she was creating this new company so that she could give the customer the absolute best experience. She wanted the viewer to feel her passion and trust in her in under a minute. We wanted to create something dynamic and professional that told her story and communicated her mission statement in a beautiful and entertaining way. Lisa wrote the script, we story boarded the scenes, and executed it with a team of incredible artists that we are lucky enough to call friends. (Thank you Spencer Nelson + Dan Smith)

Another way we wanted to build trust in Lisa and her new brand, was through testimonials. Their team selected a variety of either clients or industry friends who had a long history working with Lisa, to talk about their experience. I think so many businesses could benefit from a really well done testimonial video. As long as the individuals you interview are believable and speak from the heart, they will brag for you and help the viewer make that first point of contact. The whipped cream on top of a great project was our last shoot where we got to film Lisa and her kids making waffles, makes me hungry every time I see it!

If you are looking for a great mortgage company, seriously there is nobody who will work harder for you. We really hope you enjoy the videos and give them a shout!



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